Booking and Terms of Hire

    In these booking terms and terms of hire, the following terms will have the following meanings:
    "The Owner" Fawsyde House Limited, (company number SC310812) and having its registered office at Mill of Uras Farm, Catterline, Stonehaven, Aberdeen AB39 2TQ, VAT registration 895-3792-60

    "Booking" – the hire term of the Property for the period specified in the Booking Contract

    "Booking Request Form" – an online form which should be completed in full by the Hirer “Booking Contract” – the contract between the Owner and the Hirer comprising of (1) a completed online Booking Request Form, (2) payment of the Deposit (3) together with these terms of hire and booking terms

    "Deposit" – 30% of the total Hire Charge

    "Hirer"- the person or persons entering into the Booking Contract with the Owner

    "Hire Charge" – the amount payable for the hire term of the Property agreed with the Owner

    "Letter of Confirmation" – a letter confirming important details relating to the Booking “Property”- Fawsyde House, Kinneff, DD10 0TG Angus

    "Property Description" – the description of the Property as identified on the Property website.
    A potential Hirer may call 07710833087 to check availability, make a reservation or pay for a Booking. The Hirer can also use the online Booking Request Form to check the availability of the Property. A reservation only becomes a confirmed Booking when payment of the Deposit is received, together with a fully completed Booking Request Form
    30% of the total Hire charge is required as a deposit. Electronic bank transfer or payment by cheque is accepted means of Deposit payment. If payment of the Deposit is not received and the funds cleared within 7 days of reservation, the reservation will automatically be cancelled.
    Upon payment of the Deposit together with a completed Book Request Form, a Letter of Confirmation will be sent to the Hirer. The Letter of Confirmation will have details confirming the Booking and other information such as; directions, balance payment details, key collection and any other information required for a particular Booking
    The balance of the Hire Charge is payable no later than 6 weeks before commencement of the Booking. This date will be detailed in the Letter of Confirmation and no reminder will be sent. If a reservation is made less than 6 weeks before the commencement of the Booking, payment of the Hire Charge is required in full, at the time of making the reservation. If payment of the Hire Charge is not received in full with funds cleared within 7 days, the Booking will automatically be canceled.
    It is recommended that any overseas Hirer make an initially reservation by using the online Booking Request Form. An overseas Hirer can make payment by international money order in UK Sterling. Any bank charges must be paid by the Hirer.
    By completing the Booking Request Form the Hirer confirms that they:
    (a) have the authority to accept these booking terms and terms of hire, on behalf of all persons occupying the Property during the Booking, including those that may be substituted at a later date to the effect that all persons occupying the Property during the Booking will be bound by and will implement the Booking Contract
    (b) are over 18 years of age and is one of the persons who will be occupying the Property during the Booking
    (c) will be responsible for all persons occupying the Property during the Booking
    The Owner will not be required to accept a Booking for the Property from groups of single persons who are all under the age of 21 or all male or female groups comprising of more than 6 people.
    A good housekeeping deposit of £500 is payable 6 weeks prior to the commencement of the Booking. If a good housekeeping deposit is not paid the Owner will be entitled to refuse the Hirer entry to the Property. The Hirer will not be entitled to a refund of the Hire Charge in these circumstances. The good housekeeping deposit will be deposited into a non interest bearing account when received by the Owner and refunded to the Hirer by the Owner within 10 working days of the end of the Booking, less any deductions for loss suffered by the Owner as a result of a breach of the Booking Contract by the Hirer. If the Hirer disputes any deductions, the Owner will hold the disputed deduction until agreement is reached between the Owner and the Hirer.
    In the first instance the Hirer or a representative, should call the Owner on 07710833087 to advise of the cancellation. The cancellation must also be confirmed in writing. If a Hirer cancels a Booking Contract, the Hirer remains liable for payment of the balance of the Hire Charge if not already paid. On receipt of written confirmation of the cancellation the Owner will endeavour to re-let the Property. If the Owner is successful, the Hirer will receive a full refund of the Hire Charge after deduction of an administration charge of £100 (exclusive of VAT) and any other expenses incurred in re-letting the Property including any incentives or discounts. The Deposit will not be refunded but may be transferred to a new Booking at the Property for a different date in the 12 months after the original Booking start date, subject to availability. If the new Booking is at a greater cost than the original Booking Contract then the Hirer must pay the extra cost 6 weeks before the start date of the new Booking. No refund will be made if the cost of the new Hire Charge is less than the original Hire Charge. For the avoidance of doubt, Deposits are non refundable.
    The number of persons occupying the Property must not exceed a maximum of 16 persons (7x double bedrooms 1x twin bedroom). If the maximum number of occupants is found to exceed the permitted number, the Owner will be entitled to request the Hirer to immediately leave the Property. The Hirer will not be entitled to any refund of the Hire Charge in these circumstances.
    The Owner may decline to hand over the Property if the Owner has justifiable grounds to believe that the Hirer or any of the persons included in the Booking Contract are not suitable to occupy the Property. If any booking is cancelled for this reason the Hire Charge will be immediately refunded to the Hirer. The Hirer will not be entitled to any compensation or damages for cancellation of the booking for this reason.
    The Property is let on a weekly basis from Friday 4pm arrival to Friday 10 am unless a short 3 night break or a longer hire has been arranged with the Owner.
    The Property is fully furnished and equipped for 16 persons. Major items of domestic equipment are listed in the property description on the website. TV channel choice may vary. The Property is supplied with bed linen, towels and tea towels.
    While every effort is made by the Owner to ensure that the Property description is accurate and all information is believed to be correct when the property description was prepared for the website, the Owner will not be liable for any changes. Photographs of the Property are included for guidance only and the Owner does not guarantee that the photographs show all of the Property or its location and surroundings.
  16. PETS
    Pets are not permitted at the Property unless prior permission is given by the Owner. If a pet is permitted, details must be provided when completing the Booking Request Form. An additional charge of £50 per pet must be paid with the Deposit. If a pet is permitted the Hirer will
    (a) ensure that the pet is kept under strict control at all times.
    (b) ensure the pet is not allowed upstairs in the Property and is restricted to the hard-floor areas of the ground floor.
    (c) ensure the pet is not permitted on any items of furniture.
    (d) be responsible for removing all pet excrement from the grounds of the Property.
    (e) note that there is a sheep farm very close to the Property, any dogs found straying near the sheep may be questioned by the farmer.
    Registered guide and support dogs belonging to those with visual and / or hearing impairments are allowed in the Property. Details must be provided when reserving the Property.
    The Property has small recycling bins on site. However, the Hirer will, before departing from the Property, dispose of all recycling. Failure to dispose of recycling will result in a handling charge being deducted from the Good Housekeeping Deposit.
    The Hirer will
    (a) take good care of the Property and its contents and leave the Property and its contents in a clean and tidy condition;
    (b) inform the Owner of any damage or breakages and pay the Owner at the end of the Booking for any breakages or damage to the Property and its contents caused by the Hirer
    (c) allow the Owner (with or without workmen) access to the Property at reasonable times and on reasonable notice (other than emergencies) for inspection purposes and to carry out any repairs or maintenance
    (d) not cause undue noise or disruption or become a nuisance to the occupants of any neighbouring properties;
    (e) not use the Property for any purpose other than that of a private holiday residence;
    (f) not alter the Property or its contents or remove any contents from the Property;
    (g) return all sets of keys to the Property in accordance with instructions
    (h) not use any flammable materials, fireworks or candles in or on the Property;
    (i) keep the Property secure during the booking;
    (j) comply with any specific conditions and restrictions relating to the Property and/or its contents contained in the Property
    Any complaint or problem relating to the Property should immediately be notified to the Owner (or any caretaker or key holder identified in the booking form) so that an opportunity is given to rectify the problem or deal with the complaint. No refund will be considered if the Owner has not been given the opportunity to rectify any problem during the Booking.
    If the Owner is prevented because of circumstances outwith the control of the Owner from making the Property available to the Hirer, the hire charge will immediately be refunded in full to the Hirer. The Hirer will not be entitled to any compensation or damages for cancellation of a booking for this reason.
    By entering into the Booking Contract the Hirer agrees that the Booking Contract confers a right to occupy the Property for a holiday only and is not an assured tenancy by virtue the provisions of Section 12 (schedule 4 paragraph 8 ) of the Housing (Scotland ) Act 1988.
  22. VAT
    The Hire Charge is inclusive of value added tax unless otherwise stated. If value added tax is applicable it will be added at the rate applicable at the date of invoice.
    The Owner and the Hirer agree that the Booking Contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Scotland and the Owner and the Hirer agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Scottish Courts.



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